DC Way’s  U12-U17 leadership development program: Leadership through soccer

DC Way’s  U12-U17 leadership development program is offered at our camps to allow attendees the opportunity to continue their training while developing valuable skills and working experience. 

This program is for those who would like to become a coach's assistant and enjoys working with younger players.  Participants will  learn how to coach and will be able to improve their soccer and leadership skills. 

Attendees: 12-17 years old

CIT Registration open for Our One Day Camp on October 8th



·       Develop leadership skills

·       Learn from and work with our experienced coaches

·       Build self-confidence and gain experience

·       Become a role model and share your knowledge with younger campers

·       Help create the fun and unique atmosphere that makes camp so special!



·       Complete online registration form

·       Meet our coach

·       Make payment & receive acceptance letter

2018 CIT Participation - One Day Camp

One Day Camp Oct. 8

Full Day 9 am - 3pm

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If you are interested to find out more about our CIT program, 
send us email at contact@dcway.net