DC Way’s Counselor-In-Training program: Leadership through soccer

DC Way’s Counselor-In-Training program ais offered at our Spring & Summer camps to allow attendees the opportunity to continue their training while developing valuable skills and working experience. This program is for those who are ready to take on new challenges and responsibilities at camp. It's a perfect place that can help in the development of important life skills such as communication, problem solving and cooperation, all in the same fun, friendly atmosphere that encourage young campers returning every year.
Attendees: 14-18 years old

The fee to be a CIT is $35.00 per week. 

A maximum of 3 CITs are accepted per camp week.


·       Create lifelong friendships

·       Develop leadership skills

·       Create new programs & competitions

·       Learn from and work with our certified coaches

·       Acquire important problem solving and communication skills for future challenges in life

·       Build self-confidence and gain experience

·       Become a role model and share your knowledge with younger campers

·       Help create the fun and unique atmosphere that makes camp so special!


·       Complete online registration form

·       Meet our camp director

·       Make payment & receive acceptance letter

CIT Participation
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If you are interested to find out more about our CIT program, 
send us email at contact@dcway.net
We are also hiring assistants for our camps( Spring break and Summer). The salary per hour is $10-$14 for this job, and hours are 8.45am-3pm. You must be 18 years old to apply.